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Best Practices for Maximizing Digital Engagement
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about OverDrive Marketplace

DHHS OverDrive Directions Brochure (feel free to change with your own school information) Updated Sept 2015

Bridget's Handout for Student Learning Targets based on Library Core

Librarians Are A Luxury Chicago Public Schools Can't Afford

Bridget's Flyer for Summer Reading

Bridget's Six Word Story Contest at DHS

DHHS OverDrive Brochure

OverDrive DHHS Display

OverDrive Device Guide (DHHS)

OverDrive use handout (HHS)

Lynn Matthews:
Thunder Media Center

Debra Hurst:
We put out 10 or so new books a week on a special shelf labeled "NEW BOOKS." The students may place them on hold but cannot check them out until the end of the week.This way everyone has the opportunity to see what new books we have and to place a hold on the ones they would like to read. We are lucky to have a custodian that loves to build various things. I am including
some photos that show some of the shelving that he has built for us.
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Infographic on Libraries in 2013

Deal on Cricut die cutting machine

Instructions for WCSD Textbook Inventory

Review of Matt's St. Patrick's Day Concert

Program of Matt's Concert

Cute Video Montage of Library References from Popular Television Shows

Charlie's flyer for the Media Literacy Night:

Check out the pictures of the SCMS mini-remodel:


From the Webinar "Meeting Coom Core Standars through Library Research & Collaboration"

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Do you want to learn more about creating bookmark links for content in Gale resources as Mary and Michal discussed? Below are a few resources to help you out or feel free to attend a product specific webinar where we also discuss how to create these links for your students and teachers: